" A Musical Journey of Celtic Folk and Irish Music "

" An Educational, Entertaining Evening With Lots of Irish Wit & Humour "

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Sean and the MarblesCeltic Journey is an evening with Sean Cannon (Dubliners) and Murphys Marbles which takes you on a musical journey through time experiencing how Irish folk music developed from early days when songs were the means of recieving news and tales and introduction of various instruments that developed and carried the tunes to the music to the present day.

Celtic music has a rich and varied history that stretches far and wide across the world.  This has evolved in more recent times to define music originating from Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Our journey focuses on the Irish origins and it’s influence on many genres of music today.

Irish traditional music began as an oral tradition, passed on from generation to generation by listening. The main traditional instruments being the fiddle, Irish flute, tin whistle, Celtic harp, uilleann pipes and bodhrán. With mandolins and guitars becoming part of the family in recent times.

The journey begins with an introduction of two of the early instruments, the whistle and bodhran. Giving an insight into jigs and reels, spiced with fun and participation from the audience. Sean Cannon’s grasp of the Gaelic tongue gives the audience on opportunity to hear a beautiful rendition in this ancient language.

The show moves through categories of Irish music including songs of history, work, life and of course drinking. There are many surprises on the way as we discover the many songs the Irish have embraced and made their own.  The Celtic Journey Show is an interactive one with audience participation and fun a strong feature. The intension of the show is to give an insight into the development of the music with a memorable experience of enjoyment.

You will experience traditional Irish folk music with magical voice of Sean Cannon and the quintessential Irish sound of Murphys Marbles. The evening is a chance to experience the music that is now fading with time but its essence pulls to the times when folk music was a most important part of the community. All this is performed with the typical Irish humour that comes with from the close bond that Sean Cannon and Murphy’s Marbles have when performing. An experience to savour….